“Dead Reckoning part 1”, Tom Cruise superstar in one of the best films of the series

Born in the 60s on television, the “Mission Impossible” series has become a cinema franchise that has continued to improve.

First part of a diptych, whose sequel is expected in a year, Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning part 1 comes out Wednesday, July 12. One of the big titles expected of the summer, it is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who has already signed two films in the franchise (Rogue Nation And fallout) And jack reacher, still with Tom Cruise. This means that we are in good hands.


Still at the head of a team of IMF (Impossible Mission Force), a private and unofficial spy agency, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his group are in search of a revolutionary weapon that nations are fighting over. But not only them. Falling into the wrong hands, it would threaten all of humanity. Ethan searches the world for her as her past comes to the surface. He faces the dilemma of saving the planet or those he loves.

Star of the big Hollywood franchises that are Top Gun, Jack Reacher and Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise left aside the promising actor of his debut, to devote himself to the roles of charismatic heroes and stuntmen. His films make the event, are a hit at the box office and are often well put together. As proof this Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning, seventh opus of the franchise inaugurated in 1996, awaiting an eighth, of which it will be the direct sequel. In a very “Bondian” style, Dead Reckoning is a Tom Cruise festival.


Born following the success of James Bond brought to the screen since 1962 in James Bond vs. Dr. Noand after many spy surrogates, Impossible mission appeared in 1966 as a television series in the United States, then in France. It differs from the spy created by Ian Fleming by involving a team, and no longer a solitary hero. The fact remains that its leader Ethan Hunt replaces it as the bridgehead of a group of experts, each of whom has his own specialty (camouflage, decoding, computer science, etc.). While one after the other had their heyday on the show, Hunt took on more and more prominence as the films went on, leaving the rest of the team somewhat in the shadows.

Dead Reckoning (Estimated in French) is thus very tight around Hunt and therefore Tom Cruise who, like James Bond, travels the planet, from Asia to South America via Paris and Venice. He also has in common with Bond, the art and manner of annoying his superiors by his unorthodox methods. If the plot of Dead Reckoning, quite traditional, is well done in the standards of the spy action film, the chase, fight and combat scenes are of an unusual originality which renews the genre. We are quickly sucked into the frenetic rhythm of Dead Reckoning which holds in suspense until the end of its 2h43, and which testifies to the best hours of Hollywood efficiency.

The sheet

Gender : Action / Espionage
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Actors: Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Esai Morales, Pom Klementieff
Duration : 2h43
Exit : July 12, 2023
Distributer : Paramount Fishes France

Summary: In Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, Ethan Hunt and his IMF team embark on their most perilous mission yet: hunt down a gruesome new weapon before it falls into the wrong hands and threatens the whole humanity.

Control of the future and the fate of the world hang in the balance. As the dark forces of his past resurface, Ethan embarks on a deadly race around the globe. Confronted by a powerful and enigmatic enemy, Ethan realizes that nothing can stand above his mission – not even the lives of those he loves.

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