David Mora: his companion attacked for a video on Caroline Receveur, she explains

Davina Vigné regularly treats its subscribers on Instagram. The companion of the actor of Scenes of households David Mora often posts funny videos there. However, the last was taken in the first degree by many Internet users, thus pushing it to justify itself, this Friday, October 22, 2021.

On October 21, the one who became a mother for the second time last January (of a little girl whose first name is unknown) wanted to have a little fun by gently criticizing a publication by Caroline Receveur. The latter had posted a photo, on which she appeared makeup and sublime, stating that she was not awake. “Sorry, I didn’t quite understand when you say ‘not awake’. When I’m not awake, I have this face! One chtar, two chtars, three chtars, she says pointing pimples on her face. I’m tired. I want to cry so much I have dark circles, tarba rings. And you put on amazing makeup, you have incredible contouring. With the extra light I have disgusting skin. Are you telling me you’re not awake? Stop chicks, stop saying you’re not awake when you’ve got crazy makeup and you’re super hot. Because I’m telling you anyway: in hottie, there can be bitch. Makeup liar goes!“, she declared.

Some media have covered it and have not gone with the back of the spoon. Davina Vigné therefore wanted to make a little clarification. “I don’t personally attack this chick, which incidentally is very beautiful. I’m just denouncing the fact that these girls say they are tired, when they are sublime. And it’s mostly for laughs eh. Caroline Receveur, a thousand apologies if I could hurt your sensitivity, but I think you don’t care at the same time“she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, many Internet users have also commented on its publication. And some have criticized him for being jealous of Hugo Philip’s wife. Davina Vigné therefore answered them by explaining that her video was “supposed to be funny“and not mean.”In fact the more I look at her and the more I tell myself that I pay him a compliment to this chick by telling her that she is sublime, no need to add cases to show that she is sublime by filming herself very close and saying, ‘I’m not awake’. This is not true. When you’re not awake, you’re not wearing makeup like that, it’s impossible. Anyway, me anyway when I’m made up like that, it’s because I woke up a little while ago, I washed myself, I took my time what“she said.

Davina Vigné then underlined that whatever the case, it was not serious and that Caroline Receveur could do what she wanted. “I have nothing against Caroline Receveur, she is magnificent. And to everyone who says to me: ‘You are jealous.’ Of course I am jealous of course. Fucking karma of his race. She’s beautiful so we can give a fuck about it right?“, she concluded.

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