Cushioned protective helmets | The NFL allows its players to have big heads

Football fans are likely trying to adjust their devices or clean the lenses of their glasses during the first few games of the NFL season.

League leaders approved the use of padded protective helmets during regular season games on Friday. Popular and used during training to reduce shock and the consequences of head contact, players will now have the right to put on these protectors on match days.

“The data collected over the last two years proves to us that wearing Guardian Caps helmets significantly reduces the risk of concussion, so we will allow it during matches,” confirmed the senior director of the Department of Health and Safety. of player safety, Jeff Miller, at Pro Football Talk.

The good news is that some helmets, available soon, are even more protective than the combo of the two pieces of equipment one on top of the other. Significant progress, he noted. “These developments show marked progress in our mission to protect players.

According to the same information, the request was made last year, but the NFL refused to allow players to wear these huge helmets in the middle of a match.

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