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sitka is the story of a wolf dog who does not deserve her fate, too tragic for her kindness. This “galloping” short story by author Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba is part of the Draisine collection”, thus fitting somewhere “between the lines” of the three previous novels. Here, Sitka, renamed Joy, then Shadow, seems to live several lives. The novel explores his various solitudes while criss-crossing Canada from coast to coast, then to coast again. In a pack, with family, with strangers, alone, the poor dog lives mourning after mourning, running after a past that she will never be able to recover. At the same time, one of his temporary mistresses tries to escape a life of abuse by changing territory. The animal, which takes its first name from the island where it once lived with its master and its little queen, sails from destiny to destiny, undergoing the vagaries of a life that we would have liked to spare it.


★★★ 1/2

Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba, Éditions XYZ “Draisine”, Montreal, 2022, 64 pages

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