[Critique] “I have never read Baudelaire”, Jocelyne Saucier

“Montrealer by birth, pure urban product”, Patrice would never have thought of leaving his bookstore to settle in Clova, an isolated corner of Quebec. And yet, the death of his wife and then of his brother, from whom he inherited a house, pushed him to change his life, no longer being able to bear the burden of having a storefront. He therefore continues his profession, but only on the Web, where he discusses with his constellation of customers of trains and poetry. Then a woman comes to shake up his life. Not the intended woman or in the implied sense. More like a dying old woman, to be honest. Patrice may have left his books in the metropolis, but his taste for stories is insatiable. He will make new friends there, including one who refuses to devote himself to reading Baudelaire, for fear of raising himself too high intellectually. There will also be Marthe, this charitable baker. With them and this story of a suffering elder, Patrice learns to live with his loneliness. I have never read Baudelaire. News at the end of the rail fits into the universe of the novel Lost train by Jocelyne Saucier, author of this short story.

I have never read Baudelaire


Jocelyne Saucier, Éditions XYZ “Draisine”, Montreal, 2022, 64 pages

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