[Critique] “Diane is not out of the woods”, Marie-Renée Lavoie

Madeleine has watched the snow melt and the trees bloom 91 times already. At her age, the eldest no longer has the desire to see the country or to splurge. She just wants compote, but not just any compote: the one served in individual portions and in plastic cups—she likes the vibration of the spoon against the walls. But the CHSLD where she lives refuses to give it to her, because it’s everyone’s business to save the planet. Yes, even of “those who had washed their children’s cloth diapers in cold water and kept the same refrigerator all their lives”. But the lady is not at her first rodeo. With the help of Diane and her friend Claudine, they will spend almost a week in the woods in the eldest’s old family cabin. The surprises will not be long in coming… Diane is not out of the woods is a nice short story emerging from the universe of Marie-Renée Lavoie, which reminds us that there is no age to be smarter than your neighbour.

Diane is not out of the woods

Marie-Renée Lavoie, Éditions XYZ “Draisine”, Montreal, 2022, 56 pages

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