[Critique] “Crushed Grapes”, Jason Bajada

Seventh album. That of the big hole of the confined years, necessarily. All artists have made one. Bajada would have done his own if he hadn’t met director-arranger Connor Seidel. It helps, to talk about a feeling of intense stagnation which is also a refuge. A watchful eye for signs of life. It translates perfectly into a song called Walt disney, the famous cryogenic father of the Miquette mouse. Between companions, everything is easier. Including admitting that one is dying of boredom (Humble Leo). Everything is legit. Reflections on what was and what remains (Run on Romance), gloomy and funny observations at the same time (Zombie Cry), nothing falls on deaf ears. ” Tell me what to do with my Friday night Jason sings to Connor (who plays the role of all the other possible ones). So many reasons for the melodies of the very melodic Bajada to be even more beautiful: sumptuous, carrying, happy. You have to surpass yourself when life threatens to go straight ahead. Of which act.

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Crushed Grapes


folk indie

Jason Bajada, Audiogram

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