Criticism against a law on transidentity | No prosecution against JK Rowling

(London) The author of the Harry Potter saga JK Rowling will not be prosecuted for having strongly criticized on social networks a new Scottish law, supposed to better protect trans people but which she considers contrary to freedom of expression, has police said Tuesday.

This text, which entered into force on Monday, strengthens existing legislation on incitement to hatred, and broadens the associated offense to include transphobia in particular.

But for the novelist who lives in Edinburgh, this text opens the door wide to “abuse from activists who want to silence those of us who denounce the dangers of removing spaces reserved for women”, she said. she denounced in a series of messages published on X on Monday.

“Freedom of expression and belief are over in Scotland if the accurate description of biological sex” is seen as a criminal offense, she added.

She then challenged Scottish police to arrest her, saying that if her comments were “considered an offense under the terms of the new law”, she was “looking forward to being arrested” when she returned to the country after a trip abroad.

The Scottish police, who said they had received several complaints against the author, however assured Tuesday through a spokesperson that JK Rowling’s comments “were not considered criminal and would not be the subject of ‘no action “.

The author of this bestselling saga has become one of the most influential opponents of the trans rights movement, seeing it as an attack on women’s rights, and a vehement critic of the Scottish government’s position on the subject. .

Scotland wants to be a pioneering nation in defending the rights of these people, and adopted a law at the end of 2022 facilitating gender change. This text has since been blocked by London, which feared “significant complications” within the British legislative system.

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