Cristina Cordula kicked out of Fashion Week by Nabilla and Léna Situations, she doesn’t hide her anger!

“Ah well here!” It is with this simple, more than explicit sentence that Cristina Cordula was asked, despite herself, to leave her place to Léna Situations and Nabilla Vergara, in front of Paris Fashion Week photographers. Paris Fashion Week, filled with fashion shows, has taken place twice a year in Paris since 1973. Fall 2023 Fashion Week began on Monday September 25, 2023 and will end on October 3. But while the host Cristina Cordula, who was one of the stars present this Friday, September 29, 2023, posed in front of the photographers after leaving the fashion shows, the two starlets (very) quickly stole the show !

Indeed, after a few seconds, Cristina Cordula’s smile gave way to a strong tension, upon hearing Nabilla and Léna arriving! The star host of M6, back on the channel after several months of absence with a new show called Dressing Challenge, in which she gives pride of place to second-hand clothes, was asked to quickly give way to the two stars who succeeded her, and whom the paparazzi wanted to photograph! Annoyed, it’s with a simple “Ah well here!” that Cristina Cordula is gone. A sentence full of meaning, which the two influencers probably did not not heard.

The responsible photographers?

On social networks, the video quickly went viral, with Internet users amused by Cristina Cordula’s annoyance. Another sentence pronounced by the Brazilian host is inaudibleto the great misfortune of Internet users amused by the sequence: “I can go into debt for life to find out what she said next”, “I tried to cut the audio to listen but I can’t do it” pointed out two of them. An Internet user wanted to point out that, according to him, Cristina Cordula was not chased away by Léna Situations and Nabilla Vergara, but by the photographers themselves, who wanted to prioritize the two young women: “It was the photographers who pushed her, not the girls. 30 years ago it was her who was photographed. Everyone took their turn”. Fashion Week atmosphere!


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