Cristiana Reali separated from Tuscany: rare mother-daughter reunion on the other side of the world

Cristiana Reali decided to take a few vacations as soon as the start of the school year began! At 57, the actress flew to Brazil. No filming or professional projects on site but a much more important personal meeting: his reunion with his daughter Tuscany, 19, one of the girls born from his marriage to comedian Francis Huster.

On her Instagram account, Cristiana Reali unveiled some videos of her with her grandma. Walks, campus visits, mother and daughter were happy with each other, as evidenced by the big smiles that both display in the images (see slideshow). It must be said that they do not have the opportunity to see each other every day. Last year, Toscane moved to London to begin studying art and science. It would seem that she has now chosen to follow to enroll in the PUC University of Rio. A change that necessarily took her away from her mother, who remained in Paris.

Cristiani Reali and Tuscany therefore found themselves in one of the country of origin of the actress, Italian-Brazilian, for their greatest happiness. It must be said that the star of red wedding has always been very close to his daughters. During her divorce from their dad Francis Huster, Cristiana Reali left no choice to her ex-husband. Tuscany and Elisa, now 24, would live with her.

Cristiana Reali had confided in the past on this particular choice. Obtaining sole custody of his children was not a means of depriving Francis Huster of them but more a question of balance: “For them, I wanted it to go as well as possible. But we can’t avoid doing damage. […] I’m not very much in favor of joint custody. I find that a child needs a home, that his belongings are in one house.“Even if she no longer has them near her today, Cristiana Reali will always have them in her heart!

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