“Crazy scale”, “boring”, Pierre and Héléna (Star Academy) can’t take it anymore

Season 11 of Star Academy has just ended with Pierre’s victory. If the young man is already very popular and released his first single, less than a week after his victory, we remember however that her adventure was marked by her certain complicity with another candidate, Héléna. While everyone thought they were going to end up as a couple, the two students quickly distanced themselves.

“Pierre and I are extremely close friends. We discovered a lot of things in common during this adventure. Musically speaking, we like to listen to and sing the same things. […] Pierre was really a landmark for me in this adventure but that’s where it ends. It’s purely friendly.” the young woman initially affirmed in the columns of Gala.

Faced with the enthusiasm of viewers, the pretty blonde then showed herself even more firm on the microphone of NRJ Belgium radio. “No, Pierre is not my type of guy. We are very close and we have a lot in common. I’m sorry, but I’m going to repeat myself, but it’s just friendship” she assured.

Pierre draws a definitive line on Héléna
It was then Pierre’s turn to speak on the subject as he left the castle of Dammaries-les-Lys. “With Héléna, we are the same age, we have a lot in common musically, we listen to and sing the same style of songs. It’s true that it brought us closer but really only on a friendly basis. We supported each other at same way that I could support Julien” explained the young man from Normandy in the columns of the magazine Tele-Leisure.

This Thursday, February 8, 2024, Pierre was expected on NRJ Belgium for an interview. Again, it ended fans’ hopes that the “Pierrina” couple could one day form.We didn’t come with that in mind, we came to become artists. […] For me it was just for fun, I didn’t think it was going to such an extent.” he admitted. And to conclude about the repetitive questions about Héléna: “At first it amuses me but it’s true that it can become a little more boring in the long run. We know that between us there is only friendship.

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