Corsica particularly affected by floods



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Domingos storms: Corsica particularly affected by floods

Domingos storms: Corsica particularly affected by floods – (France 2)

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France 2 – A.Peyrout, L.Gamonet, M.Graziani, S.Lapera, E.Giuliano, France 3 Corse, V.Castel

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Corsica was hit by two storms. A bridge was notably swept away in Corte.

Nothing remains of this Corte bridge (Haute-Corse). To cross, rescuers are forced to slide, suspended from a zip line above the river. Last night, the Domingos storm blew it out of its bed, taking with it this only access to a part of the city. 20 people live there and have to fight their way out. A few kilometers away, another river overflowed, flooding other homes. The houses are uninhabitable.

Roads washed away

“We are warned to be careful, but we didn’t think we would wake up to this,” says a resident. Two days ago, roads had already been completely washed away by storm Ciaran, weakening the soil which gave way with the passage of storm Domingos. “It’s lunar, it’s the apocalypse”, says a breeder. Excavators are hard at work trying to reopen the roads as quickly as possible.

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