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The Omicron variant is causing a worldwide explosion in the number of contaminations. Julien Gasparutto, journalist at France Télévisions, takes stock of the situation in Europe.

On Wednesday December 29, Denmark has the highest incidence rate in Europe. The country exceeded 100,000 contaminations in a single week for the first time. One in 60 residents has tested positive in the past seven days. In Greece and Spain, we are close to 100,000 contaminations per day. Europe is today the area of ​​the world most affected by the Omicron variant, reports, Wednesday evening live from Brussels (Belgium), Julien Gasparutto, journalist at France Televisions.

The worry is strong meven in countries where the number of contaminations does not explode. In Germany, the current restrictions will not be enough, warned the German Minister of Health. In Belgium, we fear an upsurge after the holiday season. Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a very high risk, not hesitating to mention a tsunami of contamination that could further weaken health systems.


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