Connor Bedard had a better draft season than Crosby, McDavid and Lindros

Connor Bedard’s junior career ended with the Regina Pats losing in seven games to the Saskatoon Blades on Monday. His final statistics, including the World Junior Hockey Championship: 71 games, 90 goals and 96 assists, for a total of 186 points.

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You read correctly.

The stats may not always tell the whole story, but in Bedard’s case, they show just how dominant he was. To his 143 points in 57 regular season games, he added 23 in seven games at the last World Juniors, to finish with 20 points in seven playoff games.

Overall, he maintained a 2.62 points-per-game average.

If, despite that, you’re still not entirely convinced just how much Bedard has crushed the competition this season, the comparisons that follow should do just that.

Let us first focus on Connor McDavid.

Connor Bedard

File photo, Northumberland Today (Pete Fisher)

In his draft year, also including the World Juniors: 74 games, 68 goals, 112 assists, for 180 points.

His points-per-game average: 2.43.

Bottom of Connor Bedard.

Maybe let’s talk about Sidney Crosbyin this case?


Connor Bedard

File photo, REUTERS (Paul Darrow)

Statistics in 2004-2005, with the Rimouski Océanic, including the season, the playoffs and the Memorial Cup tournament, as well as with Team Canada junior: 86 games, 92 goals, 127 assists, 219 points.

Average points per game: 2.55.

Still below Connor Bedard’s 2.62.

Better than Tavares, Kane and Lindros

We could go on like this for a long time. We did the exercise for you by analyzing the numbers of other exceptional players who spent their draft season in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

  • John Tavares (2008-2009): 76 games, 76 goals, 64 assists, 140 points (1.84 ppm)
  • Patrick Kane (2006-2007): 81 games, 77 goals, 108 assists, 185 points (2.28 ppm)
  • Nathan MacKinnon (2012-2013): 76 games, 55 goals, 78 assists, 133 points (1.75 ppm)
  • Eric Lindros (1990-1991): 80 games, 95 goals, 109 assists, 204 points (2.55 ppm)

However, we must be honest: Bedard’s figures do not approach, and then not at all, those of Mario Lemieux in his draft year in 1983-1984.

84 games, 162 goals, 172 assists, 334 points and a monstrous points-per-game average of 3.98.

Never mind, we can safely say that Connor Bedard’s 2022-2023 season is one of the best for a player in his draft year in the history of the Canadian Hockey League.

It remains to be seen, now, with which formation of the NHL he will play next year.

The answer on May 8.

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