Companies do woke indoctrination

I dealt with the proliferation of unisex toilets last week. But the deconstructionist agenda transcends their scatological struggle. A growing number of companies are collaborating in the evangelization of their customers by articulating their business strategies around the woke catechism. In the name of the new DIE trinity (diversity, inclusion, equity), they have revised their mission and renounced good business practices to serve as transmission belts for the ideology in vogue.


Whether we think of Bud Light, Target, North Face, Adidas, Nike, Disney, Hershey, M&M, Gillette, Calvin Klein, and a myriad of other brands, or that we think of all cultural products , woke propaganda is everywhere. The DIE specifications are visible everywhere, and the advertisements have become a platform to indoctrinate customers.

A call to order is therefore necessary.

Companies should know that the public abhors their preachy messages and fetid self-righteousness. She sees their attempts at manipulation and she is offended. Individuals just want to buy a beer or a chocolate bar, not to be re-educated. Despite everything, ideological proselytism and sexual preferences are pushed to overdose.

But celebrating wokism comes at a cost. Bud Light, Disney and Target have understood that the expression “go woke, go broke(get woke, lose money) is valid.

A 10-year analysis has also shown that companies that have remained neutral, therefore without ideological positioning, have obtained a return of 334%, compared to the overall gain of 230% of the market. Also, the Russel 1000 index, which lost 3.2% between 2021 and 2023, increased by 2.9% in the case of neutral companies.


The role of companies is to offer a product or a service. Period. They have no legitimacy to exert ideological pressure or to impose a philosophical shift. The market punishes those who exceed their mandate. Maybe they will finally understand!

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