Common Front union members accept Quebec’s offer at 74.8%

Public sector union members represented by the Common Front accepted in a proportion of 74.8% the government’s offer tabled at the central table which notably concerned their salary and retirement conditions.

The agreement, which concerns 420,000 state employees, was reached at the end of last December.

In a document sent to union members on Friday, Common Front spokespersons revealed the level of support for government offers.

They emphasize that the agreement obtained “contains gains and makes it possible to avoid setbacks in the pension plan”.

The Common Front considers “problematic” the statements of Prime Minister François Legault last Sunday, announcing an upcoming budget “largely in deficit” due to negotiations with the public sector.

“The financing of public services does not constitute an expense but an investment. Financing them better is a political choice – the only responsible choice – which must be assumed,” the document indicates.

Mr. Legault defended himself this week from having attributed the next deficit to union members.

In November, the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, had already warned that it would be necessary to borrow if public sector wage increases exceeded the offer of 10.3% then on the table. Union members ultimately obtained 17.4% over five years.

More details will follow.

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