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The more I watch Pierre Poilievre go, the more he freaks me out. Instead of keeping the recipe at medium to preserve the heat, he heats the rings of the political stove to maximum so that it boils continuously, even if it means setting the fire. Like a perfect mini Trump.

I know that it’s not by playing your glutes that you win, but why go off the rails so often? Why go meet extremist Morons associated with Diagolon, in the Maritimes? What the f…! As my mother said, why does he always do his worst?

All this to come back, once again, to Justin Trudeau and his future. The idea is not to persist, just to add my voice to what seems obvious to so many people: he must land and leave politics elegantly.

I had excellent relations with him, being mayor, a good guy, friendly and pleasant. But I sincerely hope that he realizes the weariness of the population towards him, and the languor that he himself expresses.

Perhaps naive on my part, but I would like to trust him and think that he plans his departure in the best possible conditions for his party and his government. (I really forced myself to write this last sentence…)

The obvious desire of his childhood friend, Minister Dominic LeBlanc, to make it publicly known that he wishes to be on the list of contenders for his succession gives me hope.

Perhaps childish, my business, but in Minister LeBlanc’s place, I would never have dared to do this to my friend and Prime Minister, if the latter had not given me a signal about his possible departure, and thus allow me to throw my name in the hat.

The next elections will take place no later than October 2025, in a year and a half.

A leadership campaign with several quality candidates, media excitement, and a new leader elected not too far from the elections, time to give yourself a game plan, organize yourself, and, in the best case scenario, become the flavor of the day.

An angelic scenario, I know, not sure it would end like that. But at least something would happen, and we would have a renewed global political offer.

Obviously, the New Democrats could give a leg to this scaffolding by withdrawing their support for this minority government. Let’s hope they have some money left to afford new elections…

Politicians don’t know how to leave, an illness. They think they are so indispensable. And I’ll spare you those who want to come back…

Ten years prime minister of a G7 country should be enough, right? Not bad for a CV, it seems to me.

Why take the risk of losing the next elections? Coming out a winner makes all the difference. Already the aftermath of politics can be painful, we must not make our situation worse if we have the opportunity to end without a kick in the rear of the population.

It is very possible that Justin and his immediate political entourage are talking about fears, and succeed in convincing themselves that “common sense” will prevail in the next elections over the “common sense” of Mr. Poilievre.

That won’t happen, it would ignore the general disgust of the population towards all politicians, regardless of the level.

We are emerging from an immense collective psychosis, the pandemic, the consequences of which we still have difficulty measuring. And the increase in the cost of living is hitting you hard, it really hurts! Add to that the housing crisis, the real damage of which we have not yet seen. Misery !

Thus, everything that represents the existing system is hated, and this is also why Justin will go to bat in the next election.

I have no doubt that the fear of the great void of post-politics is to blame. Exist in society, be someone, or life with a court, organized, cajoled. Finished! Anonymity makes politicians tremble.

How many told me about the big empty hole after their departure. Especially since the organizations do not bicker to draft them professionally. And it’s even worse for the losers.

This very often follows a psychological decline with which they have to struggle, and no one is prepared for that. But this is an obligatory step, you have to take responsibility.

I’ve already written that the Canadians have pulled the plug for a while regarding Justin.

He may not realize that he is less and less part of the equation.

Come on, Justin! (I apologize in advance about my anglicisms to my friend Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin1) Announce it to us this summer, this departure!

Speaking of change, if I rely on the knowledge of the municipal world which told me spinned concerning the candidacy of the mayor of Victoriaville, Antoine Tardif, for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec, we may have to take it seriously. A young left-field candidacy supported by real political operators, we just ask to be surprised.

1. Read Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin’s column

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