“Code 8: Part II”: a proven recipe

In the near future, about four out of every hundred people possess powers ranging from telekinesis to the deployment of magnetic fields. After being briefly admired, these ordinary “superheroes” became outcasts. Under the cover of technological advances aimed at protecting the population from these mutants, authoritarianism is now the norm. However, the enemy is not always who we think. Thus, a teenager with very special gifts, Pav, is hunted after having witnessed the crimes of a prominent police officer. Barely released from prison, Connor, who also has impressive skills, will come to the teenager’s aid. Devoid of pretension, Code 8: Part II (VF) offers an effective mix of science fiction and action.

For the record, the initial part, Code 8, arrived on the independent circuit at the end of 2019 following a crowdfunding campaign. Netflix then acquired the rights and released the film in 2020 on its platform: a big popular success. So it is not surprising that the giant wanted to continue the saga.

Director Jeff Chan and screenwriter Chris Paré, creators of the first film as well as the short film behind it, however took the time to do things well (with Sherren Lee and Jesse LaVercombe joining them this this time as co-writers). In fact, after more than four years of development, we cannot accuse them of having acted hastily.

Protagonist of Code 8, Connor (Robbie Amell) is therefore back in action. So, after flirting with a crime syndicate in the hope of saving his sick mother, this good Samaritan tries this time to protect Pav, the young hunted heroine (Sirena Gulamgaus).

On the one hand, Pav is in the crosshairs of the unscrupulous police officer (Alex Mallari Jr.). On the other, she is coveted for her powers by the deceitful Garrett (Stephen Amell), a former associate of Connor, who also played an important role in Code 8.

Credible futurism

Like its predecessor, Code 8: Part II does not renew anything in the department of dramatic issues and developments, but competently combines the various ingredients of its proven recipe. The characters are more archetypal than complex, but endearing, nonetheless, and played with conviction.

The whole thing is above all very rhythmic and produced with skill, again, like the first film.

And once again, the production knows how to maximize each of its visual and special effects, despite a budget which is not that of a Hollywood blockbuster. This, in order to plausibly represent the various powers, but also in order to create a credible futuristic vision. In short, it’s not transcendent, but it gets the job done.

Code 8 (VO and VF)


Science fiction by Jeff Chan. Screenplay by Jeff Chan, Chris Paré, Sherren Lee and Jesse LaVercombe. With Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Sirena Gulamgaus, Alex Mallari Jr. Canada, 2024, 100 minutes. On Netflix, February 28.

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