Clémentine Vergnaud’s podcast “My life facing cancer” wins the Grand Prix at the Tours Journalism Conference


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The Grand Prize at the Tours Journalism Conference was awarded on Thursday to Clémentine Vergnaud, journalist at franceinfo, for her podcast “My life facing cancer”.

Clémentine Vergnaud was awarded posthumously, Thursday March 28, for “the quality of his work and the response he had to many caregivers and patients.” This prize, called the “Grand prix du journalism Michèle Léridon”, is awarded each year to “a journalist, media outlet, collective or editorial action who has best honored the values ​​of journalism over the past year”. This year the jury is chaired by journalist and host Michel Denisot.

“My life facing cancer, Clémentine’s diary” is a podcast in 16 episodes in which Clémentine Vergnaud recounted her life facing the disease, her fight, her hopes and her doubts. Clémentine Vergnaud died on December 23, 2023 after a year and a half of fighting cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer of the bile ducts, at the age of 31.

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