Claude Lelouch inaugurates a walk in his name in Villers-sur-Mer and reaffirms his love for Normandy

This Sunday March 26 in Villers-sur-Mer, director Claude Lelouch inaugurated a promenade by the sea in his name. The opportunity for the filmmaker to recall the importance that the Côte Fleurie had in his personal life, and in his career as a director.

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Claude Lelouch came to inaugurate a walk to his in Villers-sur-Mer on Sunday March 26.  (France 3 Normandy: K. Lepainteur / J. Guillaud / G. Danre)

Claude Lelouch came to inaugurate on Sunday March 26 the seafront promenade which now bears his name in the town of Villers-sur-Mer. For the occasion, several hundred people made the trip, neighbors, friends, family but also fans of the filmmaker. The latter has a particular attachment to Villers-sur-Mer, the town of his childhood memories. The director hasn’t left it, that’s where he lives when he’s not filming.

Inauguration of the Claude Lelouch promenade
France 3 Normandy: K. Lepainteur / J. Guillaud / G. Danre

On this walk, I learned to walk. My children, my grandchildren learned here too. I have walked this walk all my life. I have a very sentimental relationship with this region and it’s true that the Normandy lights are the most beautiful I know and for a filmmaker, lights are very important“, says Claude Lelouch.

Normandy, more than a source of inspiration

Claude Lelouch loves Normandy. It is his source of inspiration. Moreover, it was in the neighboring town, in Deauville, that he observed a woman walking on the beach with a dog and a child. From this vision, was born his greatest success, A man and a womanher fifth film, awarded the Palme d’Or in 1966.

All along “his” walk, photos of his shootings are offered to the public. Immortalized moments that bring to life scenes from his films that have become classics. A total of fifteen films were shot in Villers-sur-Mer. The inhabitants of the region are grateful to him for having worked so hard to export the image of Normandy. “With a bit of luck we’ll take him for a walk from Honfleur to Caen, because he’s done so much for us.“jokes Anne d’Ornano, former mayor of Deauville.

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