City of Montreal | A senior civil servant goes private

The senior civil servant until recently responsible for the City of Montreal’s real estate strategy has just joined the staff of a major private developer.

Philippe Krivicky was deputy general director responsible for economic development and real estate strategy since September 2022 and until last Friday February 2.

On Monday, February 5, he became “vice-president of development at Carbonleo,” the company confirmed through its spokesperson Anne Dongois.

Carbonleo, created in 2012, is leading the development of the Royalmount shopping center project, at the intersection of highways 15 and 40. It also manages the DIX30 district, in Brossard.

The company says measures are being put in place to ensure an orderly transition. “We have governance policies at Carbonleo. As manager, he will ensure that all confidentiality of the files processed at Carbonleo and past files is respected,” she said. “We are counting on his experience and expertise not to blame either the City or Carbonleo in this story. »

The City of Montreal also emphasized that Mr. Krivicky had made commitments by accepting a job in the public service.

“Mr. Krivicky is subject to the clauses of the Executive Working Conditions,” indicated Hugo Bourgoin, communications for the City of Montreal. These rules are intended to prevent an employee from “taking undue advantage of their duties.” “It is also provided that “the executive who has ceased to exercise his functions within the municipal administration must not communicate confidential information”,” he added.

Philippe Krivicky did not call back The Press.

A “bridge” between the City and the private sector

Philippe Krivicky had the red carpet rolled out at city hall in the fall of 2022, with a new position of deputy general director responsible for economic development and real estate strategy tailor-made for him. Until then, he was president of the real estate development and construction division at the developer COGIR.

Mr. Krivicky had been responsible for economic development and real estate strategy in Montreal.

His arrival was highlighted by a press release in which Mayor Valérie Plante highlighted “his expertise and knowledge of the environment”.

His arrival in the City was unusual: few business people join public administrations mid-career. Mme Plante has often publicly mentioned his presence within the municipal apparatus.

“My role within the municipal administration will be that of pivot, point of contact to activate connections between the business world and the municipal world. I believe we can build bridges,” Philippe Krivicky explained to The Press in the same era. His arrival represented “a desire for rapprochement” with the business community, he added.

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