Cindy Fabre more severe with the Misses than Sylvie Tellier, this change that she assumes

If Sylvie Tellier will be present, on Saturday December 16, 2023, at the Zénith in Dijon, where the 94th Miss France election will take place, as president of the jury, it is Cindy Fabre who took care of the girls, this year . She, who is currently preparing them in Guyana, for the role that will probably change their lives, assumes being a little more severe than her predecessor.

“I am molded by the values ​​of Geneviève de Fontenay

This Monday, November 27, 2023, in an interview given to Parisian, the new director of the beauty contest, explained in particular that she had toughened the general knowledge test. And to explain, just to break a little further with Sylvie Tellier: “I am molded by the values ​​of Geneviève de Fontenay. But I am in my time, connected, surrounded by young women who reflect modernity, and need to have a role model.”

And to add that with the 30 candidates, she is firm: “I tell them from day one that the Miss France brand is the oldest competition still existing in the world. If he’s still there, it’s because the French are attached to these values, a bit of a refuge that we need every year, which bring together several generations and do us goodshe said.

Misses “too soft”

A pressure that pretty young women should succeed in shouldering, even if Cindy Fabre would find them “too soft”, as she admits to Le Parisien. In fact, she redoubles her efforts to make them ambassadors worthy of the crown. To our colleagues, the former Miss France 2005 assures: “Here during the stay in any case, my role is to support them, to encourage them, to understand them, to ensure that they give the best of themselves. If they stick to their achievements, they will not necessarily come out of this experience better.


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