CHUM fundraising campaign | Objective: 200 million by 2028

(Montreal) The University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM) Foundation launches its fundraising campaign on Thursday with the ambitious goal of raising 200 million by 2028.

Those responsible for the foundation believe that such an amount will allow the CHUM to accelerate the development of its expertise, particularly in precision medicine, and to propel innovation, research, teaching and to offer quality health care. world-class to the Quebec population.

The CHUM Foundation indicates that donor support is necessary in order to achieve the ambitions of the CHUM teams and thus act faster than the disease.

A group of business women and men make up the fundraising campaign cabinet, chaired by two of them, Maxime Ménard and Pascal Tremblay.

The launch of the fundraising campaign should bring together around 200 people on Thursday morning at the Amphitheater Pierre-Péladeau of the CHUM. The author and comedian Claude Meunier and the host Virginie Coossa are the spokespersons for the campaign.

Since 1998, the CHUM Foundation has raised nearly $407 million.

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