Christophe Hondelatte questioned about Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès provides a cash answer!

Known for having presented the show “Bring in the accused” for years, Christophe Hondelatte, star journalist of miscellaneous facts then made his show with his radio show “Hondelatte tells” in which he has been telling the story since 2016, from sordid criminal cases and miscellaneous facts. Faced with the success of this program, Christophe Hondelatte was approached by the Canal + channel to adapt this radio program on the small screen.

From May 13, 2023, a new episode will be broadcast every weekend in prime time on Canal + Docs. Always alone and in a setting entirely shot in “XR” (from the English expression Extended Reality) which allows the embedding of a real setting on virtual sets projected on giant screens, Christophe Hondelatte is preparing to do the delight of “True Crime” fans since the most chilling and shocking stories will be told on his show.

Invited to “La Boîte à Questions” on Canal + to promote his new show, Christophe Hondelatte answered a few questions about his passion for news items. He is then asked if he happens to have nightmares because of a news item: to which he replies: “No, I have frequented crime too much, for it to prevent me from sleeping”.

What would make me happy is if you killed your daughter for me…”
The 60-year-old journalist then tries to explain why there is a certain craze for news items these days: “This answers certain questions. Is my husband, my son, my wife capable of killing me? This is the big question of people who are passionate about crime stories”.

He then talks about various facts that will be told on his show: “I like the story of Denise Labbé, for example. We are in the 1950s and she falls in love with a boy, she does not actually know that he is a sadist but a sadist in the SM sense… So he begins by pinching her breasts and his sadism will push him to say: ‘What would make me happy is that you kill your daughter for me… and she does it!’.

Christophe Hondelatte questioned about the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès affair
After advising viewers to leave their spouse in case of disagreement or deception rather than committing murder, he makes a statement on the various facts: “There were probably more murders probably in the past than today, but we are only interested in before I think, ordinary criminal cases. Not famous people who commit very ordinary crimes in their entourage. with these crimes that we identify with”.

Finally, Christophe Hondelatte reveals, according to him, where could be Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, the infamous father of a family who has disappeared since 2011 after having murdered his family. “In my opinion, everyone doesn’t care what I think. But then people have opinions. It really annoys me, we can’t have an opinion on where Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is. These are facts that matter. Not people’s opinions”.



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