“Christmas is a good time to buy board games”

Nearly 30 years after its creation, the Asmodee brand sells eight million board games each year in France. And is riding the success of its game “Dobble”.


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Board games at Christmas and during the holidays in general, an occupation which has regained its place during the health crisis.  (Illustration) (HALFPOINT IMAGES / MOMENT RF / GETTY IMAGES)

It’s one of the most given gifts at Christmas: board games. Even if specialized stores sell them all year round. The sector leader in France is Asmodee, with 8 million games sold each year, including Catan, Les Aventuriers du Rail and Dobble.

“Asmodee was born in Yvelines, in the Paris region, in 1995, created by game enthusiasts”, explains Mickaël Gonçalves, vice-president of Asmodee party games. Which explains that there are different types of players today: “atmospheric players with rather simple games. There are also more expert games.”

Testing games: a dream job

Mickaël Gonçalves, whose job is to select and test games, talks about‘”a dream job” in a very rich industry: “more than 1000 games are released every year around the world.”

As for the future of board games, the vice-president of party games for the leading brand is optimistic. “Facing the screens, the ‘gamification’ fits into every home. Screens aren’t really competition for us. The board game continues to bring people together with family or friends.”

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