Child died from serious injuries | Daycare owner arrested for homicide

The Sûreté du Québec announced the arrest for homicide of the head of a family daycare service in Assomption where a toddler was found seriously injured before succumbing to his injuries last Tuesday.

The 34-year-old man arrested by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) on Friday would be Tomy Carranza Ladry, according to our information.

He is currently detained and should appear Saturday at the Joliette courthouse to be formally charged.

Last Tuesday, the SQ’s Crimes against the Person Investigation Department, in collaboration with the L’Assomption/Saint-Sulpice police department, was called to investigate an event that caused the death of a child. aged less than three years.

The toddler allegedly suffered significant injuries while he was at the home daycare service operated by Tomy Carranza Ladry in the basement of the house of a couple of friends.

The owner of the house had already worked with the children in the daycare.

Contacted the day after the toddler’s death, Tomy Carranza Ladry was stingy with comments regarding the events that had occurred at his daycare. “This is a tragedy and at this moment, to talk to you about it, it is very difficult,” he then confided.

The same day, the Ministry of Family confirmed the closure of the daycare service and the suspension of recognition of its manager. According to the Business Register, it had been in operation since May 2022.

The day after the toddler’s death, the SQ specified that the autopsy would be “an important step in knowing the precise cause of death.”

With Ariane Krol, The Press

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