“Chick and Fox, volume 2”, Sergio Ruzzier

Waiting for the snow, building a library to store the first book received or even quivering with joy in front of a lost and found hammer, these are all simple joys shared between Poussin and Fox. In a series of six stories, told at Poussin’s level, the latter questions himself, marvels and is surprised by what appears to us to be obvious. And this is the strength of Sergio Ruzzier, who manages to offer a childish perspective before which Renard can only be touched. The artist’s watercolors help to prolong this sensation in a series of narrative sequences which alternate between speech bubbles and boxes without text. Silences that evoke the entire interiority of this bird with his expressive gaze and plump belly and the tender attachment that Renard has for him – like a big brother. The roundness of the line, the use of pastel colors and the refined decorations create an inviting effect which leaves plenty of room for the spontaneity and warmth of these moments spent together.

Chick and Fox, volume 2


Sergio Ruzzier, The joy of reading, Geneva, 2023, 104 pages. 4 years and over.

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