Charles Berling owner of a tall ship: “He ruins me copiously”

Charles Berling is a confirmed actor, nominated five times for the César and rewarded several times for his performances in the cinema, in particular at the 2nd Ceremony of Lights in 1997 thanks to his role in the film Ridiculous. He is also a lover of boards, whether as a director (Junk, Caligula, Endgame) or as an actor (more than 50 performances to his credit). He is notably the Director of the Liberté theater in Toulon.

But in parallel with his life as an artist, Charles Berling, a seducer at heart, is also a lover of the sea, and more particularly of sailing. In any case, this is what he said in the second episode of the show. See you in the promised land – program presented by Olivia Cattan which invites personalities to discover the thousand faces of Israel – which is entirely devoted to it.

“A boat is not real estate”

For me theater and sailing is freedom, it’s magnificent” he explained, he who took the habit, from childhood, of “ride on boats” and to be “always in the water“. He then revealed to be the owner of a “15 meter tall ship“, that he “really like“but who”copious ruint”. “A boat is not real estate, it is an expensive property” he observed. But it’s a reality that he seems to accept, as he enjoys sailing. “She’s a truly magnificent Italian boat. She’s going well, she’s extremely capable of sailing and then she’s comfortable” detailed the 64-year-old actor, who has already confided in his sexuality, before telling his epics at sea.

Which means that in the summer, as soon as I can, I leave with Sicily. I do the Mediterranean. I would love to come here one day” he added while he was at the water’s edge in Tel Aviv. As a reminder, the first episode of this program was devoted to singer Joyce Jonathan.

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