Charlene de Monaco: Her sulky daughter Gabriella on the balcony, she intervenes and reframes her!

This June 16, 2022 was marked by the reappearance of Charlene de Monaco. The Princess, recently tested positive for Covid-19, ended up making a comeback alongside her husband Albert of Monaco, on the balcony of the prince’s palace. On the occasion of Corpus Christi (Corpus Domini), the Monegasque princely couple caused a sensation with their daughter, Princess Gabriella, while Prince Jacques was conspicuous by his absence. If Prince Albert has so far had to ensure alone alongside their twins, Gabriella and Jacques, this time, the 44-year-old South African has taken over.

And Princess Gabriella didn’t make it easy for her. Indeed, the 7-year-old girl appeared with a very sulky pout, on the balcony. Albert and Charlene’s daughter held her head in her hands and didn’t seem thrilled to be there. So much so that the former swimmer had to intervene in order to reframe his daughter. She was thus photographed in the process of slipping a few words into the ear of Gabriella, who changed her attitude slightly thereafter. Charlene of Monaco is very close with his daughter but also seems to know how to act when necessary.

Bewitching lipstick and a big comeback

The little girl is fortunately not always in a bad mood. During the last outing of the brother of Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco, the twins were even smiling alongside their dad. On June 5, the prince was photographed with his children aboard a magical carriage, the trio was very complicit there. But despite this attitude, Charlene of Monaco must nevertheless have been delighted to find her family. Captivating lipstick, slightly low-cut navy blue dress tightened at the waist with a thin belt, the sportswoman was very elegant for her comeback. Despite these few days of isolation due to Covid-19, the princess seemed in great shape and looked very good. On the other hand, no trace of Prince Jacques. Let’s hope the 7-year-old boy didn’t catch Covid-19 too.

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