certain sunscreens dangerous for marine biodiversity and health



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France 2 – F.Mathieux, M.-P.Samitier, F.Blévis, G.Liaboeuf

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25,000 tonnes of sun creams or sprays flow into maritime waters every year. A filter against UV contained in some of them could be dangerous, for the man like the environment.

Supposed to protect us, they could be harmful to our health and the environment. Certaines sun creams contain a problematic chemical UV filter:octocrylene. He can be found in first-price products as well as in top products of range.

Endocrine disruptor

Over the months and in contact with the air, theoctocrylene turns into benzophenone, an endocrine disruptor, possibly carcinogenic. “This filter solar penetrates the barrier of the skin. It is found in breast milk and urine. Once it has passed the skin barrier, it can induce carcinogenic effects”explains Philip lebaron, professor at the Sorbonne. Faced with the controversy, some laboratories are reviewingnt the composition of their product. The National Health Security Agency has just called for its ban, even though it is also dangerous for marine biodiversity.

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