Cauet “in pieces” reveals that he cries every evening on the shoulder of Nathalie Dartois, his partner

Targeted by several complaints of rape, Sébastien Cauet has been discreet since the recent revelations of his supposed victims. This Sunday, December 10, 2023, the host nevertheless chose to speak. Guest of Benjamin Duhamel, on the set of BFM TVthe companion of Nathalie Dartois spoke for the first time.

Faced with these allegations, the radio man categorically denies the facts. “JI’m totally innocent.”, he said before talking about his nightmare life since the start of the affair. At his worst, the former sidekick of Cécile de Ménibus can count on the support of those close to him. Particularly that of his partner. Nathalie is a rock, I cry on her shoulder every day”.

And to continue: “Qhen I have my son who reads terrible articles to whom I have to say: ‘Dad is having attacks but it’s all false’… Inside, I’m in pieces, I’m devastated. I lost my mother at 10, my father at 20, I thought I had gone through the biggest struggles of my life… I’m going through the hardest… being accused of this kind of thing there is no worse”.

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“Everything is false, everything is a lie”

Faced with these testimonies, Sébastien Cauet assures that “everything is false, everything is a lie”. “OI’m not going to file a complaint just for fun, it’s my life.” he adds before mentioning Julie Olivier’s words. “JI know her like I know thousands of fans in 40 years of radio. Without them I am nothing at all. I have taken thousands of photos, videos, meetings with people, entire families. Do you think that if I had this type of behavior you would never have known?”

Beaten down, the host claims to have ashamed that people can imagine for a second what I am accused of. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

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