Caroline Receveur mom: special diet for her son Marlon, she explains

Caroline Receveur subscribers have an eye. Asked by a surfer about the diet of her son Marlon (3 years old, the fruit of her union with Hugo Philip), the 34-year-old influencer and businesswoman made revelations.

After living in France and then in London, Caroline Receveur settled in Dubai almost two years ago. When she is not working, the young woman therefore enjoys the sun with her loved ones, as she did last weekend. And a detail intrigued his community. In a video shared on the social network, we could see his son Marlon eating a packet of gluten-free chips. “Hello Caroline, Marlon eats gluten-free?”, so asked a person. The former reality TV candidate therefore replied that this was indeed the case and explained why they had adopted this eating habit for the little boy.

For the little story, Marlon has always had a lot of eczema since baby (patches at the level of folds, arms, legs, face…). Since last summer, I have decided to remove dairy products and gluten from his diet as much as possible (at home anyway since he is not allergic). Result: … no more eczema!“, first of all confided Caroline Receveur. And to specify that she too tolerated dairy products and gluten badly. “They accentuate his atopic dermatitis. As a result, I avoid it as much as possible but have not completely removed it from its diet because I think that we can find a happy medium (except in the event of allergies) rather than completely eliminating“, concluded the wife of Hugo Philip.

Although discreet with regard to her private life, Caroline Receveur sometimes likes to open up to her subscribers. Like last October during a video where she spoke of her anxieties when Marlon fell ill. “As I had already spoken to you about it, I always have so much anguish as soon as Marlon falls ill. Really I have a big problem with this. So I will have to get treatment. I’m really going to have to go to therapy because I’m managing really badly. I’m able to get away from everything and more than give a sign of life for ten days just because Marlon is sick, has a cold“, she declared in particular. A trauma linked according to her to the disease of her dad, severely handicapped after his stroke which occurred in 2007 and died for five years.

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