Caroline Receveur: Her nanny swings on video! “If she sees this …”

In July 2020, Caroline Receveur, her lover Hugo Philip and their adorable little boy Marlon (3 years old) left France to settle in Dubai. On site, the little family took to the local rhythm. Like many expatriates, young parents, very busy with their respective jobs and projects, call on a nanny to help them take care of their son. On social networks, the young girl who spends her days with Marlon reveals her daily life.

Her name is Camille, is blonde and introduces herself as “luxury nanny or backpacker“on TikTok. It is on this social network that she shares some videos of her anything but ordinary life. Indeed, the young woman is far from the Parisian metro-work-sleep. Travel by private jet, grandiose rooms in palaces … She said to herself “paid to be on vacation“. Also on the social network, Camille shares several dishes that she had the chance to taste at the expense of her employers.”When I put everything on the hotel bill, it tastes like free“, she writes. In short, the dream job … or almost.

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