Caroline Receveur, a second Hugo Philip child? Why she doesn’t want it (yet)…

Mom of a cute little blond named Marlon aged 3, Caroline Receveur agreed to respond to Internet users who wanted to know whether or not she was considering having a second child with Hugo Philip. During an Instagram question and answer session on June 12, 2022, the influencer explained that she was not ready to fall pregnant again and, moreover, to be perfectly satisfied with her only son Marlon. “It’s not on the program.” she first indicated, then explaining her choice by several reasons.

Very close to her son, she wants above all to maintain a balance around him before imagining conceiving another child. “We are very close with Marlon, it is our priority with Hugo. The two of us have never left alone without Marlon since he was born (by choice) and we have only just begun to find a balance in family, professional and personal life for a year I would say. We don’t want to spoil this stability which is not easy to maintain“, she confided.

I don’t feel the visceral desire to have a child

Having lost her dad at a very young age, Caroline Receveur has also explained several times that she has traumas concerning her health that she cannot yet contain. “I have not yet learned to channel my anxieties to have the strength to face new ones with an infant“, she reveals. Very busy with her work, the young woman also says she wants to devote herself, like her husband, to “1000%to their brands Cruel Pancake and Cosmic Goddess.

Finally, Caroline Receveur has let it be known that she does not wish to give in to different types of pressure from society. “The fact that Marlon is an only child, is too far in age from the second or my biological clock are not good reasons for me to have a child at all costs” she added, with great pragmatism.

To conclude, she indicated not to close the door to the conception of another child but only when she feels intimately ready. “I don’t feel the visceral urge to have a child right now. If we decide to have a second Hugo child, we will do it with a lot of love as we wished for Marlon“, concluded the pretty redhead.

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