caregivers not vaccinated with Covid-19 are retraining


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During the Covid-19 epidemic, around 4,000 unvaccinated hospital workers were suspended. Some have chosen to change careers. Reporting.

Suspended for almost two years because he refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Stéphane Escafit, a former stretcher-bearer, has converted. From now on, he sells charcuterie on a market in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). His retraining allowed him to hold on financially. “I still found myself without income for two or three months. With a house loan and a family to feed, I had to find something”he explains, Sunday, May 28.

Less fuel costs

A former caregiver has also reoriented herself. Unvaccinated, suspended, Élodie Schlernitzauer now practices beauty treatments. She worked for 12 years at the hospital and has no intention of going back, even though she has the right to do so since May 14. “Today, financially, I have the same salary as I had before at the hospital, with less gas costs”, she says. An estimated 4,000 hospital caregivers have been suspended.

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