caregivers confronted daily with violence


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France 2 – A. Lay, A. François-Poncet, B. De Saint-Jore

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Whether physical or verbal, material or bodily, attacks have become commonplace in the hospital environment. Caregivers are taken to task by patients.

The presence of security guards and police is now a reality in many hospitals. The tension is permanent: at reception, in the corridors and even in the treatment rooms. Caregivers live with violence on a daily basis. “There’s verbal abuse, but it’s the bestiality that’s most embarrassing“, says a caregiver. In the emergency room of Avignon (Vaucluse), a temporary plastic window protects the reception staff. Two months earlier, a man violently broke the broken window with a blow of his head. The man, arrested in flagrante delicto, will be tried in December.

Insufficient security

Beyond the material damage, there is above all physical violence and threats. Since January, thirteen complaints have been filed. Security is still insufficient according to the director, despite two security guards and a hundred cameras. In addition, alarm buttons have even been installed to warn colleagues and the police. Despite the tensions and the violence, the caregivers assure them, they do not intend to let go of their vocation, that of saving lives.

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