“Captain Canada” against “Captain Quebec”: Legault, better than Coderre, says Fitzgibbon

François Legault is the best “Captain Canada” to counter the idea of ​​a PQ referendum, argues Pierre Fitzgibbon. The Prime Minister prefers the title of “Captain Quebec” in Canada.

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Who is the best “Captain Canada”? The debate is raging in the corridors of the National Assembly due to a statement from Denis Coderre and another from the Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions, Jean-François Roberge.

Who will get the crown?

The Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, has decided. He affirmed that the possible candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec is “a good captain” Canada, but “not the best”. It is its leader, François Legault, who is best positioned to defend Canada and block a referendum on the independence of Quebec. “I think so,” he pleads.


“Mr Legault has my complete confidence, he is a man I respect very much. He has a balance that I want to support.

The Prime Minister, however, wanted to reframe his minister, preferring that he be given the title of “Captain Quebec” within Canada.

“I think that we need a Captain Quebec within Canada and Quebecers must understand that we can defend our language, that we can defend our identity. But to crash like the Liberal party, to be at the service of their big brother in Ottawa and not to ask for strategic measures to promote French, I don’t think that’s what Quebecers want,” said supported Mr. Legault, indicating that he “was going to clarify that to Fitz.”

Coderre attacks

In the pages of Duty, Denis Coderre proclaimed himself “Captain Canada”, galvanized by a recent Léger poll which gave him 21% support if he were at the head of the PLQ.

Trudeau-Legault meeting

Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY

“Asking me if I’m liberal is like asking if the pope is Catholic,” he said. Between “Captain Canada” Legault then “Captain Canada” Coderre, if I go there, I think that asking the question is answering it,” said Mr. Coderre.

The PQ attacks Roberge

PQ member Pascal Bérubé, for his part, described CAQ minister Jean-François Roberge as “Captain Canada”.

He was reacting to the declaration of the Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and the French Language, who suggested in an interview with our Parliamentary Office that he seems to want a Quebec which asserts itself thanks to the derogation clause of Bill 21, but in a strong Canada.

Trudeau-Legault meeting


“It is part of the Canadian balance, that is to say to have federal laws, to have a federal charter of rights and freedoms which is strong, but to have a counterbalance with a renewable derogation clause to the five years. It allows Canada to function and it allows strong nations like Quebec to make their differences heard,” underlined Minister Roberge.

The PQ member believes that with this declaration, there is a competition for the title of “Captain Canada”.

“I heard Denis Coderre say he was going to be “Captain Canada”. Add Jean-François Roberge. There is a competition to be had… Remember that, the CAQ is calling for a strong Canada. As the separatists leave the CAQ.”

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