Candice (Star Academy) talks about her other “crush”, Pierre: “We got closer”

After being nominated five consecutive times, Candice was finally eliminated from the Star Academy castle this Saturday, December 30, 2023. The day after her ouster, the 20-year-old young woman spoke to the press to give her feelings about her experience at the famous castle of Dammarie-les-Lys but also to talk about her promising future.

This Tuesday, January 2, 2024, she spoke with the media Ciné-Télé-Revue. She first talks about the impact of the show on her life. “The show above all made me grow artistically, but also humanly speaking. So yes, I come out of there with a lot of new things in me. I think that I am no longer the same as when I came back, so obviously that It will influence the future a little.”.

Candice is then questioned about her friendship with Julien and she answers: “I don’t even know how or why, it’s just a friendship that was born like that. It’s super rare this kind of relationship. He’s like my big brother, he took me under his wing and helped so much throughout the whole adventure. It’s links that we can’t explain, and it’s beautiful. I’m so happy to have met him!”.

The candidate is then asked to tell us everything about Pierre, his “little crush” from the beginning of the adventure. “Well actually, it was just that during the pairs week, we got closer. But like everyone else. Afterwards, the links change depending on the week. With Pierre, we really liked singing together, which “so we spent a lot of time together. Afterwards, Star Ac is a big family, and we really didn’t come with that in mind,” she slips.

Our colleagues then insist on knowing if feelings are borns when they are suspected of having kissed. To which Candice responds: “No… but basically, we came to sing. That’s what drives us all, and the bonds we’ve created are truly fraternal. Afterwards, the connections go by periods. There are times when I’m closer to Julien, where Pierre is closer to Lénie or Héléna… it varies from week to week. But nothing serious has happened in the castle. Everything that happens between us is really very friendly, We don’t think too much about anything else.”


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