Canceled flights | Canadians stranded in Israel due to ongoing conflict

Canadians say they are stuck in Israel amid deadly fighting, as airlines cancel flights and it proves difficult to reach the Canadian embassy over Thanksgiving weekend

The armed group Hamas fired thousands of rockets from Gaza and sent dozens of fighters to wage war on Israel on Saturday. The attack and counter-offensive killed hundreds of people on both sides.

Marie and Kendall Fullerton, Toronto residents who were vacationing in the country when the fighting broke out, say their flight was canceled and they spent the day trying to rebook another one, to no avail.

The couple say they are eager to leave the area for fear of escalating violence, but have been unable to get information or support from the Tel Aviv embassy because it is closed for the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Robbie Segall, a 22-year-old on an internship in Israel, says he currently feels safe in the West Bank village of Efrat, but is frustrated by the lack of care or assistance from of the Canadian government.

Global Affairs Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday, but advised the more than 1,400 Canadians registered in Israel and 492 in the Palestinian territories to limit their movements and shelter in place where they are. find until they can safely leave.

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