Canadian Ringette Championships: a first for a team from Quebec

For the very first time at the Canadian ringette championships which begin this weekend in Dieppe, New Brunswick, a team from Quebec will represent the province in the U19 AA class. This shows that sport, despite certain perceptions, is doing well everywhere in Quebec.

The Cyclones will be the Quebec team after causing a surprise at the recent provincial championships, held from March 7 to 10.

The team, which finished third in the regular season, had its best moments when the pressure was at its peak. She therefore inherits the honor of representing the province, while two other teams from the South Shore of Montreal and Lac Saint-Louis will also be in the tournament.

“We are going to live this experience just once in our lives. This is an opportunity to see the level of ringette that is played elsewhere. It’s the best of the best in the country in our sport,” proudly said Maïka LeBlanc, third-year goalie for the Cyclones.

Goalkeeper Maïka LeBlanc in action


Strong competition

In total, 18 teams across the country will meet in the Maritimes province to battle it out in the U19s. Each will play five matches in the preliminary round and the first three teams in each group will advance to elimination matches.

“There are teams, like those in Alberta, which are really big ringette machines. There are several that we have never faced and anything can happen,” said third-year defender Jessica Caron.

“We had a difficult start to the season. The girls were a little demotivated to see the results and participation in the Canadian championships did not seem too realistic. Then we started beating very strong teams. We want it to continue, but just to get there is already something,” she added.

Since this is a very first presence in U19 for a team from Quebec, the players barely understand the magnitude of their feat.

“We received thanks from our entire regional association. It gives great visibility to our team and it can give the youngest people the desire to continue,” said Maïka LeBlanc.

On a good start

The Quebec Cyclones have won the provincial championship banner and are preparing to represent the province at the Canadian ringette championships in Dieppe, New Brunswick, until April 13.

Cyclones defenseman Jessica Caron is expecting a great experience.


As for those who might believe that ringette is just a relic of another era and that the emergence of women’s hockey has stifled the sport, think again! Ringuette Quebec lists 6,060 players in Quebec.

“This is the first time that we have exceeded the 6,000 mark. Our associations are doing a lot of work and are very creative.

“With the advent of professional women’s hockey in Montreal, many thought that girls in ringette would turn to hockey, but that was a false perception. People who think we’ve had a slap in the face, that’s not true,” rejoiced Jocelyne Fortin, president of the federation.

Despite everything, ringette fans continue to have to defend their sport.

“When you tell your teachers that you are going to miss school because you are going to a big ringette tournament, you always have to justify yourself,” noted Jessica Caron, while her teammate agrees.

“Even if you say that you are going to the Canadian championships, we feel that it is not taken seriously and respected as is the case for hockey and soccer,” added Maïka LeBlanc.

The Quebec Cyclones have won the provincial championship banner and are preparing to represent the province at the Canadian ringette championships in Dieppe, New Brunswick, until April 13.

The Cyclones caused a nice surprise by winning the provincial championship.


Regardless of how some people look, the Cyclones and other ringette enthusiasts will all be taken seriously in New Brunswick until April 13.

In total, six teams from Quebec will be present in the U19 and U16 categories.

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