Camille Cerf still just as in love with Théo, Maëva Coucke ultra sexy in leather… for a big date!

Being a celebrity has its perks. Like being able to have VIP seats at major sporting events. This Thursday, September 22, the stars were numerous at the Stade de France. They gave everything to encourage the Blues who met Austria for the League of Nations (the meeting ended in a victory for the players of Didier Deschamps, 2-0). Among them, two Miss France: Camille Cerf and Maëva Coucke. The two young women were certainly not far from each other and yet, everything opposed them.

Camille Cerf had not come alone. To accompany her, it is obviously her darling Théo Fleury that she had chosen. The lovebirds observed the exploits of the Blues between kisses, bursts of laughter, selfies and great moments of complicity. A rather contrasting state of mind in comparison with Maëva Coucke. The 28-year-old, all in leather for the occasion, was struggling to get a smile and enjoy the moment. And for good reason, the former Miss France would digest a break.

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