CALL FOR TESTIMONIALS. Are you a teacher and are faced with cases of school harassment? Tell us how you deal with it

If you are a primary school, middle or high school teacher and you have had to deal with cases of school bullying, write to us to tell us how you reacted.


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Children in a class in Montbéliard (Doubs), September 1, 2022. (LIONEL VADAM / L’EST REPUBLICAIN / MAXPPP)

What should you do when one of your students is the victim of harassment from their classmates? The question arises within the teaching staff, particularly after the suicides of two teenagers in May and September in a context of school harassment. It is all the more acute as the number of reported cases has exploded: referrals to the National Education Ombudsman by students or their parents for cases of harassment and cyberharassment increased by 69% between 2021 and 2022.

It is in this context that franceinfo wishes to give a voice to teachers and professors. Do you feel able to deal with a situation of bullying at school, in primary school, middle school or high school? Have you been trained to detect cases of harassment as early as possible? Have you ever had to face such situations? What solutions have you found? You can testify by answering the questions asked in the form below. Your responses will remain confidential and will allow franceinfo to contact you. If you wish, your anonymity can be guaranteed when writing our article.

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