“But it stinks, but it stinks!” Jérôme Anthony ruins Cyril Lignac’s recipe in “Tous en cuisine” by discovering the strainer!

Cyril Lignac was in a hilarious mood in the latest issue of Everyone in the kitchen this Tuesday, December 27. The famous chef invited, as usual, Jérôme Anthony, many French people in video, and Kamel Ouali, to teach them a perfect recipe to invite his friends or family on New Year’s Eve. Namely: the roast of salt-crusted beef.

However, preparing this dish was not easy for the chef. Indeed, while he thought that all his “guests” were going to love the dish that was offered to them, he had to face a strange disappointment when Kamel Ouali took the floor. The former dance teacher star Academy told him that his dancers, present with him to help him cook, did not really validate his recipe. Or rather, were not used to eating this type of dish. “Because Anna, she’s vegan… so great! Esther has never cooked anything except risotto”he announced facing the camera without disconcerting Cyril Lignac. “I’ll give you a taste of meat, I’ll give you a taste of meat again”he retorted a bit awkwardly.

Jérome Anthony, on the verge of screwing up Cyril Lignac’s recipe

After this slight moment of discomfort, the chef continued his recipe while explaining to his “apprentices” that they were going to have to grab the strainer. “Here we are going to prepare the salt crust. So I took the strainer. So the strainer we buy from the butcher is a small membrane that surrounds pieces in the veal, beef, or pork. It is a membrane that surrounds the organs.specified the one who went through the hospital box some time ago on his show Everyone in the kitchen.

A “membrane” of which we “used a lot to make pâtés or terrines”. But which was also used for the recipe of the day. “And we, as we are going to cook with a salt crust, I will surround the meat to protect it from the salt”, he continued before calling on Jérôme Anthony who preferred to “have fun” with the strainer, rather than using it for his recipe. The look of it has also given some ideas to the host. “I took an old t-shirt. And maybe I’ll make some underwear with it…” he laughed before approaching a little too close to the “membrane” and exclaiming: “But it stinks! But it stinks oh! Where do I put it?”. A reaction which did not fail to make Cyril Lignac hilarious, but which however did not prevent him from completing his recipe.

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