Bruno (Married at first sight) “hallucinated”: his sister is controversial, he denounces a “misleading” montage

The experts have done a good job this year in Married at first sight. In particular by bringing together Bruno and Alicia, 83% compatible. Between them, everything has been going wonderfully well since the beginning of the adventure, except for a short episode of panic when they lost the pretty blonde’s cat. The couple even passed a milestone when the 31-year-old construction engineer gave the keys to his home to his wife, thus suggesting a bright future.

But one person seems to oppose their happiness, Bruno’s sister, Carine. Indeed, the young woman always appears very perplexed since the wedding, not hesitating to give some warnings to both Bruno and Alicia. These apprehensions greatly annoy viewers, fans of the couple formed by the two candidates. Carine therefore became the target of criticism. And that, Bruno has a hard time accepting.

On Instagram, after a moment of absence, the young man therefore took the floor to denounce the most virulent internet users but also to complain about the editing of the show, which makes his sister look like a bad person. “I chose to participate in a superb television experience to find love and experience something exceptional. Everything went very well internally, I really want to say it, but the selection of images and phrases chosen for broadcast are MISLEADING. It is obvious that when I see this surge of hatred that falls on my family, it is very difficult for me not to lose my footing.“, he wrote.

Bruno then explained that he himself witnessed the wave of nastiness addressed to his sister Carine after watching an episode with her. “I hallucinated to see what she received as messagescomments more disgusting than each other under my publications with her“, he said sorry, pointing out that this is what had pushed him to move away from the networks.

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