Bruce Toussaint would already leave “Bonjour” to be “replaced by someone from the band”

Good morning… and goodbye ? It’s no secret that the audiences of Good morning

, the TF1 morning news orchestrated for a month by Bruce Toussaint, are more than complicated. After a satisfactory start with 512,000 viewers and 15.3% market share, the curve crumbled day after day. In the end, a month after his arrival, the morning show looks dull and displays an average of only 279,000 viewers, including 7,000 replays. On the targets, TF1 only brings together 8.4% of the entire public, and 10.9% of women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty. Apparently bad scores, but which nevertheless remain to be qualified when we compare them to the scores achieved by TF1 last year on this same box, and which were twice as low.

Opposite, Marie Portolano and Thomas Sotto, worried for a while, are jubilant. The morning of
is at the highest, and still brings together 706,000 faithful for more than 22.7% market share of the entire public. Contacted by The Parisian this Saturday February 10, 2024, information boss Thierry Thuillier wants to be reassuring: “This is the normal curve for the installation of a show: it starts very strong, experiences a more complicated period in the second or third week then stabilizes. And I always said that Télématin could rest easy, that we wouldn’t overturn the table in one fell swoop. explains the media man.

Beaugrand favorite, Charni and Descamps outsiders?

However, The Parisian reveals that Bruce Toussaint has already made a categorical decision: while he should not take a vacation before July, the morning worker will be absent from April, for an indefinite period. It will be replaced by a face of Good morning. All eyes are obviously on Christophe Beaugrand, who has been a columnist for the show since January 8. But other chroniclers of Good morning are just like Christophe Beaugrand legitimate: we can think of Laurent Mariotte, Karima Charni, Hélène Mannarino or Maud Descamps… For the moment, no decision has been made as to the official joker of Bruce Toussaint, but this should be taken as soon as possible.

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