Breast cancer: “The earlier we are treated, the more likely we are to do well,” recalls the editor-in-chief of “Rose Magazine”


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On the set of 12/13 info, Monday October 2, the editor-in-chief of “Rose Magazine”, Sandrine Mouchet, discusses the importance of information in a course of care against cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Throughout the month of October, 12/13 info will give a voice to women who are fighting the fight against breast cancer. Sandrine Mouchet is the editor-in-chief of Rose Magazinea free women’s magazine for three million cancer patients. “When the newspaper launched in 2011, there was nothing that existed. Information is still very important when you are sick. We really want to know what awaits us, understand its pathology, what is being offered to us.”

Screening every two years from age 50

“When I returned to this course in 2007, (…) they said words to me like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, it didn’t mean anything to me at all.” remembers Sandrine Mouchet who had breast cancer. At the microphone of Émilie Tran Nguyen, she reminds us that it is necessary “get tested” free every two years from the age of 50. “The earlier we are taken care of, the more likely we are to do well and to recover”, she adds.

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