Booba balances on his violent altercation with Aya Nakamura, supporting evidence!

“No to the streaming tax, anti-rap tax, racist tax, unjustified tax”wrote Niska on Twitter on October 4th. A statement that had its share of reactions and propelled the rapper into the social network’s Trending Topics. Why ? Internet users accuse him of a whole host of things.“Brother you do 30K the one-hour showcase… you have to let people eat a little too”, “you sand the streaming by doing only d, after you show up, come back to the physical a bit”, “it’s ok l French state just asks you 2k takes 30k per showcase”, can we read on Twitter. In short, he is accused of doing a little too much knowing the amounts he would receive for his various services.

Niska therefore finds herself in turmoil on the Web, a boon for Booba who did not fail to attack the rapper. “On the other hand, you (nor the others) we never hear you when you have to defend the people, real causes or piracy. When you hit Aya (I found out later) who did you call to do “Medication” and make a diversion huh?! Don’t come and play the militant now!”, Booba tweeted on October 5. Attached to this tweet, several screenshots of this violent altercation between Niska and Aya Nakamura few years ago. We discover two photos of Aya Nakamura, one eye swollen, as if she had just taken a hit. Then a screenshot of a tweet from the singer dating back to 2020. At the time, the “Pookie” singer was responding to a tweet from Niska. Here is Niska’s tweet: “Someone talks about Ex, it’s not even reciprocal… Ex one-night stand yeah… Ex hookup… Extraction from the bedroom just after sex… They exaggerate”. And Aya Nakamura’s response: “You have daughters, do you talk like that? But hey, it’s normal that you don’t take care of them”. The comments to this tweet from Booba burst out, as to each of his speeches on the platform. Once again, Booba promises to create discord on the Web!

Laura Bertrand

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