big skid on the radio about Samuel Etienne, pissed the host takes his networks and answers him directly!

“You’re the only viewer under 70, it’s fantastic!”. By this sentence, Léa Salamé probably did not think that she was going to get Samuel Étienne out of her hinges. Indeed, the companion of Raphaël Enthoven received two famous content creators this Thursday, June 22 in his morning on France Inter.

Grimkujow and Maxime Biaggi, content creators and talk show presenters “Zen” on Twitch, indeed answered the questions of the sidekick of Christophe Dechavanne in “What an era!”. The opportunity to discuss the future of television, as more and more shows are now taking place on the Web and on Twitch, including their own talk show. Maxime Biaggi also wanted to defend the small screen during his speech, despite the fact that its content is broadcast on the Internet.

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Grimkujow and Maxime Biaggi, fans of “Questions for a champion”

“There’s not a huge difference except what you put on the show. I don’t think you have to differentiate between the two, I think there are still a lot of young people watching TV”he assured before Léa Salamé asked him: “That’s what I was going to ask you. Do you still watch TV?”

“Yes again, I still watch TV, whether on France 3 with Questions pour un champion or other content…”assures Grimkujow, cut off by a dumbfounded Léa Salamé: “Are you watching Questions for a Champion? Is it because Samuel Étienne is a Twitcher?”. “No, no I watch VODs, on Fridays I watch the videos of the week of Questions for a champion!”hammered me the young content creator.

Léa Salamé can’t believe it and Samuel Etienne sees red

“That’s awesome! You’re the only viewer under 70, that’s fantastic!”, finally concluded the journalist, bringing Samuel Etienne out of his hinges. The latter republished the extract from the morning on his Twitter account while dropping: “If you are under 70 and you watch Questions for a Champion, thank you for RT, it’s just to show Léa Salamé something”.

At present, the post of the presenter who will leave the morning of France Info, is at more than 3000 retweets. The proof that young people watch his game broadcast on France 3. In response to her colleague, Léa Salamé wanted to apologize to him a few hours later: “Pardon Samuel!”. “Without hard feelings”, finally replied the main interested party. Proof that the hatchet has already been buried.


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