big settling of scores on set, violent images which were not shown

She surprised everyone. This Saturday, December 2, 2023 at the star Academyafter Candice was saved by the public, Margot had to decide between Victorien and Djebril. But to everyone’s surprise, while the young woman has been very close to Victorien since the start of the competition, the two having even gotten closer the previous week due to being a duo, she chose to sacrifice him by saving Djebril . Finally, Victorian received only one vote, and was eliminated from the adventure, soundly beaten by Djebril. If the young woman appeared distraught and very moved by the difficult choice she had to make, the public did not hear it the same way.

Indeed, as our colleagues at Pure People who attended the prime, the public would have booed Margot copiously during a tape retracing Victorien’s journey, and in which there were images of his friendship established with the young woman. At this very precise moment, many spectators would have booed the young womanwho would have heard them well… She finally returned to the bus towards the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, where the tears gave way to smiles and joy, since the 9 Academicians still in the competition found a castle entirely decorated in Christmas colorsinside and out.

Héléna and Pierre would have saved Victorien

Back at the castle, Héléna and Pierre, who had not had time to vote because the required majority had been reached, admitted that the choice of Margot was decisive. In fact, the two Academicians, out of sight, admitted that they would have saved Victorien. If Margot had voted for the latter, he would then have been saved by 4 votes to 3 for Djebril. The crucial choice of Margot, who had formed a very beautiful friendship with Victorien, but who was just as friends with Djebril, therefore was the balance which benefited one, and failed the other. At prime number 1, it was Lénie who made the switch between Louis and Djebril, preferring to save the second, thus sacrificing Louis, beaten 4 votes to 5.

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