Big Brother Celebrities | Let go of the cursed non-pulsing pulse!

As in STAT last week, where several patients sported reddened eyes at the True Bloodit is time that candidates from Big Brother Celebrities experience broken heart syndrome.

A good tako-tsubo, in the language of a doctor from Saint-Vincent. Because the pulse of the house, regular and stable, translates into predictable eliminations, the last of which, that of the actress and comedian Erika Suarez, electro-telegraphed for a week.

No heart attack when the votes were revealed, nor even the start of a tachycardia. The pulse of the Queens of Hearts, the dominant alliance in the Noovo game, maintained the expected frequency.

It’s a shame that a competitor as invested as Erika Suarez leaves in a beat while comedian Dave Morgan still floats in the multicolored decor, without really forcing himself or getting involved in the strategies. Here’s one who doesn’t suffer from high pressure.

All week, Jean Airoldi, protected by his immunity, nevertheless took out the defibrillator, be careful, OK, clear ! Beware of Charles Hamelin, insisted Jean-la-menace. Charles Hamelin plays on all sides, on all sides, repeated Jean Airoldi, freed from his vocal filter.

But as for the allocation of the position of manager of nurses in STAT for five months, nothing has changed and the pulsation of the house has not changed.

The editing of Sunday’s episode was deliberately misleading, in order to maintain a minimum of blood pressure. One scene showed screenwriter Daniel Savoie and actress Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu negotiating an agreement with Erika Suarez, a proposal which obviously crashed like Frédérique Turgeon’s face on the living room carpet.

Then, we saw Danick Martineau falsely indignant (no Gemini in sight, rest assured) when Erika revealed to him that she had been working with skater Charles Hamelin for a long time. Following the slow pulse of the cursed house, Danick voted like his little chicken friends, who will go to the slaughterhouse one after the other while Charles Hamelin will slide easily to the finish line.

It would have been so satisfying if Jean Airoldi became the new boss. After his resurrection from the dead, the fashion designer would have given a major electroshock to his comrades, who would have been even more “faberglassed” than the Olympian Charles Hamelin.

Except no. It was Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu who obtained the precious key thanks to the lynx eye of her lover Étienne, capable of distinguishing an empty Salvatoré pizza box from a full Salvatoré pizza box, which is not cheap to everybody.

Our hopes now rest on the insightful and agile Joëlle to shake up this sponsored golden cage. If she insists on releasing Jean Airoldi, Quebec is heading towards a collective heart attack. Because Jean does not represent any threat to Joëlle and her ally Daniel. Charles Hamelin, yes.

Will Joëlle dare to attack the token champion? Or will she take the cautious and flat path of ousting Jean Airoldi? Like after the 17e infidelity of Jean-Paul Belleau, it is time to unplug these Ladies of the Heart.

Duels and difficult decisions

Two decisions divided viewers on Sunday evening during the first stage of the duels of The voice to VAT.

First, Corneille drafted the shy Anaïs Goulet, 18 years old, to the detriment of the power and confidence of Lee-Anne Bergevin, 26 years old, who was breathtaking on To love with love from Black Ball. Mario Pelchat, France D’Amour and Roxane Bruneau all leaned towards Lee-Anne Bergevin, solid and in control on the MELS studio stage.


Lee-Anne Bergevin

Against everyone’s opinion, Corneille selected Anaïs (who will not win this competition, we agree) and fortunately France D’Amour then stole Lee-Anne to correct the injustice.

At the very end of the episode, France D’Amour also overturned the verdict of her three colleagues by rejecting Caroline Allatt, 37, and opting for Maude Cyr-Deschênes, 24, originally from Edmundston, in New -Brunswick.

Very agree with this choice. On the piano, she has a little something of Marie-Jo Thério, this Maude Cyr-Deschênes, whose crystalline voice shone on Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow.

At the start of the show, France D’Amour offended the many fans of Simon McGrath, 32, from Quebec, by preferring the angelic Ange-Élie Ménard, barely 17, from Kanata, Ontario. It was very close between the two on I’m still thinking about you by Sylvain Cossette and youth triumphed, as often happens in The voice.

In Roxane Bruneau’s team, Nick Carter from Thetford Mines, Jonathan Houde, 23, beat Audrey Faucon, 17, on the song Minefields by Faouzia and John Legend.

The star of the evening goes to Dan Daraîche, 31, the son of country legend Paul Daraîche. Despite cysts on his vocal cords, Dan the introvert opened the machine on It’s Only Love by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner.

If he sings like that while sick, Dan is embarking on a more prolific solo career than that of poor Stewball, the white horse whose setbacks Paul Daraîche has been singing about for so long.

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